Underground Racing’s 8 second Lamborghini Gallardo

Heffner Performance mag dan misschien wel de eerste tuner zijn die een 8 second run neerzette op de kwart mijl met een Lamborghini Gallardo, Underground Racing heeft officieel de snelste Lamborghini Gallardo op de kwart mijl.

UGR zette een 8.32 neer, bijna een halve seconde sneller dan de auto van Heffner Performance. Aan de gearing te horen heeft deze auto nog veel meer in zijn mars, bijvoorbeeld op de 1 mile. Hieronder het verslag van Underground Racing over de auto.

This Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera was built to be a street car and also to run the standing mile. Ray said, “Do ANYTHING you want to it! As long as it drives like a street car and is the baddest Gallardo on the planet!” So we built him a Race version that makes 1,750+ WHP. Having 1,100 WHP on tap using pump gas, he can drive it anywhere and it will operate as smoothly as our regular Stage 3 street builds.

We decided we needed the car to launch just in case we ever sent the car to Russia for the Moscow 500 or any other timed event. For a timed event, it must have launch control for the best ET, which prior mile cars didn’t need when just going for high MPH. We ended up at the dragstrip to set up and test the launch control and check out some 60′ times. After we got it dialed in, I couldn’t help but make a few full passes and ended up with some killer results as you will see in this teaser video. 

Video: Underground Racing’s 8 second Gallardo

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