Chris Harris on Cars – Ferrari 512 TR

Wanneer een auto er zo mooi uitziet en klinkt als de Ferrari 512 TR, is er geen reden om te praten. Dat was de gedachte achter deze aflevering van Chris Harris on Cars, met een Ferrari 512 TR, 80’s muziek en verder helemaal niets.

‘This is something of a departure for myself and videographer Neil, but when a car looks and sounds this good, you don’t need me gassing on about how the 512’s engine sits a few centimetres lower than a Testarossa’s. What you need is some decidedly 80s tunes and a heap of uncorked flat-12.

This car, on those roads really was a special experience. The 512 is so wide that to push it hard and get it rolling around you need space – the N85 is the perfect place to do that. Sadly Neil is now permanently damaged from watching some Italian Lothario sitting in the lay-by we were using to shoot a corner croon Radiohead’s Creep to his squeeze. Even now he can’t understand why he chose to sing Creep. Nor why she was listening. Enjoy the silence. I’ll be talking again next week.’

Video: Ferrari 512 TR

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