Nieuwe beelden van crash met 14 auto’s op de Nordschleife

Eind vorig jaar was er een flinke kettingbotsing op de Nürburgring Nordschleife nadat een Porsche koelvloeistof had verloren ter hoogte van de Hatzenbach-sectie. Wat volgde was een complete chaos waarbij 14 auto’s betrokken waren, waaronder de Porsche 911 GT3 RS die we in de eerste video zien.

Volgens het politierapport raakte vijf mensen gewond bij dit ongeluk, van wie twee zwaargewond. Dankzij de beschrijving van deze bestuurder weten we nu dat één ervan een gebroken been had en de andere hersenletsel, maar beide schijnen nu gelukkig oké te zijn.

We hebben hieronder de uitleg van de Porsche-bestuurder geplaatst, evenals twee andere video’s van dit ongeluk. Neem zijn advies ten harte!

“Hi all,
Here is the video that every people must see before to go at the Nurburgring.
After that crash i learned 5 essential things to do during touristenfahrten.
Iam not a pro, but not a bad driver and this can happen to every body even if like me you made more than 400 laps this year with no problem!
1/ never follow too close the front driver, same than on the road, if you do there is a risk to don’t habe enough time to stop your car in case of problem or crash on front of you.

2/ never drive at 100% during touristenfahrten, always keep a margin especially if the track is busy.

3/ Even if you drive a Dacia Sandero here, wear a helmet.

4/ be sure that your insurance company works on the ring.

Never stay parked before a crash, even if you want to advertise the other cars or if your friend crashed.
Always park out of the trajectory after the crash or better don’t stop your car and continue!!
And if you stop, as soon as possible go after the security barrier!!

Here is the story of that day:
I decided with my brother to do the last trip of the season at the nurburgring end of october 2017 and stay 3 days here from the 28 till 30th.
The conditions was very good for an october period and we haved on the 28/29 two fantastic days at the ring with the friends!
It was the first time that laptimer is not allowed during Touristenfahrten and so i respect it and driven with out as you can see in the video.

The 30th who was a very good day aswell, i was ready to go for the LAST lap of the year (yes the Last one ?‍♂️) i wanted to do one good lap but not at 100% just to finish 2017 perfectly.
At the entry barrier we started the lap just on rear of the new Lamborghini Performante driven by a very nice driver, at this time i knew that the lap will not be slow as i wanted ?

I (try) to follow him, but the power of the lamb is amazing and i was only able to approach him a bit on the braking point but that’s it.

If you look at the first sector till T13 curve, it is one of my fastest (or maybe the fastest) start on touristenfahrten i have ever made, thanks (or not!) to the lambo guys who was hard to keep in the target and needed to push hard.

The crash happened at around the Km3 Hatzenbach area.
It is a very fast section where you arrive close to 220km/h with the gt3 and it is like a curve with not good visibility at the end
Of it.

And here it happen,
There was no yellow flag or other indication on the previous curve and nothing to be worried about an eventual crash.
A 997 gt3 rs 3.8 in perfect condition and driven by a very good driver loosed all of his water coolant from hatzenbach till flugplatz (he stopped here) he has no crash
As you see on the video i slide (the lambo aswell but was more lucky) on the coolant and i touched the grey wagon car (FIRST impact), after that i touch the barrier (SECOND) the aluminium support of the go pro just broken instantly!
and again big impact at around 120km/h in the bmw parked on the right side (THIRD)
This third impact just stop my car because it make me loose a wheel with no possibility to move the gt3 anymore.

At this time it is very hard to take a decision about leaving the car or rest inside because there is more cars coming and crash (15 on total!!) my brother took the decision and go out at the right moment to go after the security barrier, i started to open the door to do the same thing but when i put one leg out, 3 other cars arrived for crashing! It is when i say to my brother in the video to stay in the car but he was already out after the barrier.

At this moment I decided to close the door and stay in the car, after 3/4 seconds the two bmw kicked the gt3 and the car was launched into the left barrier (4th impact)
After that i gone out and go jump after the barrier.
If you listen the video till the end you can heard the big crash of the audi Tt (that you can see on an other video on yt) the tt crashed at 180km/h in a e36 bmw parked left side and the driver was hurted and gone to the hospital by helicopter for bad cerebral injuries but he is ok now, he weared 6 points harness, full rollcage and helmet…

One other Very VERY VERY lucky guy who was the driver of the e36 (you can hear him screaming) was ejected by the TT at 10m up on the floor exactly like you can see in Hollywood movie anime and…… finally he haved just one leg broken!!!!
I really thought that this guy was dead, but thanks god he was ok

No injuries for me and my brother, except a bit the neck hurted on the following days, but after a week it was all ok.

The gt3 rs is dead and thanks to my insurance for helping to solve the matter and defend my interest (Allianz Parisseaux in France)

Take care on the RING guys!!!”

Video: Crash met 14 auto’s op de Nordschleife

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