Pinderwagen Golf Mk2 crasht op de Nürburgring

De snelste Volkswagen Golf van de Nürburgring crashte afgelopen weekend bij het uitkomen van de ‘Fuchsröhre’-sectie. Bij een snelheid van ongeveer 165 kilometer per uur verloor Nigel Pinder de controle over zijn 509 pk sterke Golf Mk2, bijgenaamd de Pinderwagen.

“I had a minor crash at the top of the Foxhole. This was lap 2 of the day, by that I mean I’d done a lap, came back into the carpark, adjusted tyre pressures and gone straight back out for this lap. The ambient temperature was around 9 degrees and I believe this is probably what caused the issue with the rear tyres not fully warming up. In future, on cool days like this I’ll run A052`s on the rear instead. They warm up quicker and offer similar grip. I run slicks as they are a fraction of the cost of A052`s or Direzzas.

This video has the incar of the crash, a slow motion replay and my thoughts on the cause. The car was fixed and back out the same day, which considering how bad it could have been, I`ll class that as a positive outcome!”

Video: Pinderwagen Golf Mk2 crasht op de Nürburgring

Pinderwagen Golf Mk2 crasht op de Nürburgring

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