Top Gear Patagonia Special

Welkom terug Top Gear fans! Het beste autoprogramma ter wereld begint vandaag aan haar 22e seizoen en Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond en James May trappen af met de Top Gear Patagonia Special.

De Christmas Special van Top Gear bestaat uit twee afleveringen waarin de heren met drie V8-aangedreven sportauto’s door het onherbergzame Patagonië (Argentinië) rijden van Bariloche op weg naar de meest zuidelijk gelegen stad ter wereld, Ushuaia. De ruim 2.000 kilometer lang reis werd afgelegd in een Porsche 928, een Lotus Esprit en een Ford Mustang. Onderweg moeten er behoorlijk wat uitdagingen overwonnen worden, met name omdat de heren soms hun eigen weg moeten banen door het prachtige maar ruige landschap. Zoals jullie wellicht al hebben gelezen is het einde nogal omstreden, de crew werd verjaagd uit Argentinië en bekogeld met stenen vanwege een gevoelige relatie met de Falkland oorlog.

We hebben beide delen van de Patagonia Special in deze post geplaatst. Laat ons ook even weten wat jullie van de aflevering vonden en welke V8-auto jullie zouden kiezen. Je kunt je ook nog vermaken met andere Top Gear Specials opgenomen in Vietnam, India, Botswana en het midden-oosten. Vergeet ons niet te volgen op Facebook om op de hoogte te blijven van de beste autovideo’s!

Video: Top Gear Patagonia Special

Top Gear Patagonia Special

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  1. Deze special is net zoals de voorgaande edities weer een festijn van humor, adembenemende locaties en zeker voor mij een vaste traditie geworden tussen kerst en nieuwjaar..!!

    Alvast een gelukkig nieuwjaar Autostrada en op naar weer een jaar met vette video`s op deze uber geweldige site..!!


  2. Those retarded argentinos. Wars bitter hearts, and those people cant see the difference from one person from another, if it is from an politically enemy country.
    Sad how they live their lives sick of mind, never in peace, dont caring for doing harm to others. They are stupid, blind.
    Can’t believe they attacked top gear. I never thought there were such evil people. Greetings from Chile, dear netherlander. Thanks for uploading the full series.

  3. We probably will never know what really happened in the TG office while producing the show, if they staged it or not. However, if someone has watched TG as many times as I have, cannot escape to the fact that Clarkson has joked many times on TG with license plates, changing a cars model, adding a letter, even on this show he makes a joke for LOTUS. They take months to produce each episode, even more for the specials. There are over 50 people working on each show. The BBC, particularly, has a history shooting in difficult places and provides strong and accurate feedback. Someone must have raised the issue. But the fact, that they carried on with it, brought alternative license plates for Clarksons car “just in case”, and added Hammonds and Mays cars with plates that are very close to the Argentineans and brits casualties, is just STUPID. Im embarrassed for the reaction, throwing stones, but Im disappointed to the TG team, Andy Wilman and J. Clarkson for provoking a reaction in this one. Very unfair for how the show ends, specially on the rol of victim that the producers and presenters play.

  4. A joke is a joke, no matter how harsh. People joke about casualties, bombings, Nagasaki etc. and people lough.
    I get that it may be offensive to some, but you can not react to it like they did, not it the slightest.
    If you go throwing rocks or hurting people over a joke, no matter how bad it is, you must be frustrated or have a clear problem with self control.

  5. I, too, do think that throwing stones is a five-year-old’s way to get even. This is Top Gear, they are full of jokes, if you cannot joke about yourself, you cannot live in modern society. We all (= world) should be above throwing stones.
    Sadly, many of us (= world) are not. These were only stones. We (= world) have had suicide bombings and killings on purpose. Because someone couldn’t take a joke.
    Stop them, ban them from using a car with that number plate, sure. A police matter. Official stuff. But throwing stones? At people?

  6. the last few comments have been written by children who havnt left there home town, let alone country, or continent .. grow up… go experience things other than your living room.

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